The Hemorrhoid Center of The Woodlands is a program of The Woodlands Colon and Rectal Associates. It is your one stop for comprehensive hemorrhoid care. We take care of all types and grades of hemorrhoidal disease using both office based and hospital based approaches where appropriate.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are normal vascular cushions present in the anal canal. Every person has them! They contribute to maintaining fecal continence. They are not usually symptomatic.

How do I know my hemorrhoids are symptomatic?

When they become a source of discomfort, bleed, or get inflamed, they may require some sort of treatment.

There are two types of hemorrhoids – internal and external.
What various treatments do you offer?

At the Hemorrhoid Center of The Woodlands, we believe “One size does NOT fit all”. Our approach to treatment of hemorrhoids is both comprehensive and individualized.
In all situations, addressing any risk factors and appropriate life style changes are important for successful treatment of hemorrhoid disease.
We offer in office treatment of both symptomatic internal and external hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids tend to be associated with thrombosis (blood clots) when symptomatic. At our Hemorrhoid Center, we offer excision of thrombosed external hemorrhoids.

On the other hand, symptomatic internal hemorrhoids present commonly present with rectal bleeding and hemorrhoid prolapse. For these, management depends on multiple factors including the severity of the hemorrhoids. Some in office treatments we offer are:

a. Rubber band ligation
b. Infra red coagulation

Not uncommonly, hemorrhoidal disease may need to be managed in a hospital setting under anesthesia using surgical techniques such as:

a. Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization (THD) Surgery
b. Surgical Hemorrhoidectomy

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